About David B. McRee, CPA

I began practicing as a CPA in 1997 in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where I worked for a medium-sized local firm with an almost exclusive nonprofit client base. My main job was preparing Form 990’s.

In 2003 the firm was purchased by a very large southeast regional firm which also had a large nonprofit client base. It was in this environment that I began to get experience  writing reasonable cause penalty abatement requests.

In 2005 I left the firm and went out on my own. Right away I started receiving phone calls from organizations that had been delinquent for many years and wanted to bring their Form 990 filings up-to-date. Naturally, these organizations received large penalty assessments. I had great success in writing reasonable cause letters to have the penalties abated.

After several years of experience developing and writing successful letters, I wrote a manual to show exempt organizations and their professional advisers how to write a successful reasonable cause letter. I’ve been selling this manual on my website for a number of years in the form of a downloadable e-book.

It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help a tax-exempt organization avoid needlessly paying penalties to the IRS.

Over the years I’ve encountered many unusual situations, and I’ve fielded many questions via email and telephone from tax-exempt organizations all over the United States.

I’ve written many abatement request letters and have developed a system that I can teach to anyone to help them craft an effective letter.

In order to provide greater service to the tax-exempt community and the professional advisers who serve them–mostly CPA’s and attorneys–I’ve created this website of resources to put the power of information in their hands. It is the best resource available on how to write an effective reasonable cause abatement request letter to the IRS. It is tailored specifically to tax-exempt organizations of all kinds, both charitable and non-charitable.

Florida CPA license number: AC0031324

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