My Guarantee

60 Day Money-back Guarantee

The biggest fear in buying a product or service is that it will not perform as advertised.

This fear is especially troublesome when purchasing items over the internet. I understand this personally because I frequently purchase products over the internet.

That’s why I provide a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.  If you aren’t completely satisfied that my materials helped save you time and money, and that they helped you write a better letter than you could otherwise have written, I’ll happily refund your purchase price.

I specifically guarantee to you that:

My instructional materials will save you time – you will not have to scour the internet trying to piece together tips and examples. The materials I provide explain the methods I use successfully, they reveal the IRS code sections and guidance that I confidently rely on. I give you sample letters and a template that you can use to organize and structure your letter. You can even steal paragraphs directly from the sample letters when appropriate for your situation.

My instructional materials will save you money – my average fee for writing a basic reasonable cause abatement request letter is $495. I’ve seen other firms charge a standard fee of $1,200. Professional time and expertise is not cheap. Doing it yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in fees. And what about your time? Searching the internet, drafting and re-drafting letters from scratch, not knowing if you’ve done it right–how much is that costing you in time, frustration and lost productivity?

My instructional materials will help you write the best letter you can – by using my materials, I guarantee that you will be able to write a more effective letter than you could have written by yourself.

What my Guarantee is Not:

Note that I am NOT guaranteeing that the IRS will abate your penalties. I have no knowledge of your facts and circumstances and I have no control over the position that the IRS may take. It would be impossible to make that kind of guarantee.

I am not in any way responsible for any of your penalties under any circumstances.

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