Nonprofit Form 990 Penalty Abatement Manual Now in Print Edition

December 26, 2016 Update: Currently, I am no longer offering the PRINTED book format. The manual is only available as a pdf file. The example abatement letters are available as a Word file which is included with the pdf when you order it from my website. Why am I no longer offering a printed manual? It is just too difficult to keep the printed book updated. I regularly update the pdf manual with new information and new sample letters.

I’m happy to announce that my Form 990 Penalty Abatement Manual is now in print. This book has taught hundreds of CPA’s and nonprofit directors how to properly structure a reasonable cause argument to increase the chances of success in having late-filing penalties abated, or to have the IRS accept a late-filed Form 1023 and grant retroactive exempt status.

After being available only in e-book format since its first publication, the penalty abatement manual is now available as an 8.5 X 11, 150-page softcover book.

I’ve had the book printed because a number of people have indicated that they would prefer having a book that they can actually hold in their hands and keep on their book shelf as a reference book.

Many people find it easier to read and digest a printed book than to try to read an entire book on a computer screen.

I offer several different price points for purchasing the book, to meet different needs and budgets.

For more information and to purchase, visit me on the web at:


I look forward to helping you NOT pay ridiculous penalties to the IRS.


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