Testimonial: Success With Form 990 Late-Filing Penalty Removal

Success! $6,000 IRS late-filing penalty removed!

I’d like to share this email I received in January 2013 from the director of a small nonprofit that purchased my Form 990 Late-Filing Penalty Abatement Manual in November 2012:

I just wanted to thank you so much for your assistance in guiding us through how to write a reasonable cause letter to the IRS.  We are a very small animal rescue organization and were both shocked and scared when we received a penalty letter from the IRS stating we owed almost $6,000.  While this may not seem like much to many people, it might as well have been a million dollars to our small group.

I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go when I happened to Google the problem online and found your website.  After mailing our abatement request letter, I received a demand notice from the IRS stating if we didn’t pay within so many days they would seize our assets. When I called the IRS they confirmed that they had received our request but hadn’t assigned it to anyone.  The IRS employee read our letter while placing me on hold and came back with the good news that all fees would be forgiven.  I know we couldn’t have done this without your expertise.

Your book is well worth its weight in gold.  Thank you again for helping our group focus on our mission without having to stress about the IRS!

This above is a good testimonial to the excellent results many people are having by following the methods in my book for requesting abatement of late-filing penalties.

It also highlights the importance of following your letter with a phone call after two weeks to make sure the IRS received your letter and has assigned it to an agent. I recorded a short video about the importance of following up and staying in touch with the IRS as you wait for a response to your abatement request.

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